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St Columba's Parish, South Perth

Weekly Bulletin

(4th February 2018)

StColumba Church

Emil Kuchtak recently deceased, Mass offered, requested by Katarina Ramsay; Olive Joyce O’Connor anniversary  and Vernon O’Connor and Patricia O’Connor deceased, Mass offered, requested by Rob O’Connor; Marie Corby, Rita Rietveldt and Peter Preston anniversaries and Mr. Glasser, recently deceased, Mass offered, requested by Dallas Walsh; Fanio Family thanksgiving, Vigil Mass, requested by Fanio Family; Jessie Salvanera anniversary, 7.30 am Mass today, requested by Gunawan Family; Parish intentions 9.30 am Mass.

We welcome into the family of faith through the waters of saving Baptism, Miles Mark Kelly and Thomas Luke Flood baptised today. We pray for their parents and godparents as they share faith with their child.

WELCOME to Mary Flentge who is visiting her sister, Dallas Walsh. Mary brought with her an autographed copy of Monsignor McMahon’s “ Rottnest: Isle of Youth” published in 1974, which Mary has donated to the Parish Archives. It is now in the display cabinet in the Parish Centre. While Mary is here, the ashes of their brother Harrold will be interred in the Columbarium.

REMEMBRANCE OF THE INNOCENTS: More names may be submitted as an invitation to prayer. Please submit names to Beth Maramara. The noticeboard has a place marked “Columbarium News”. See the draft plaque on the noticeboards. Email: columbarium@southperthcatholic.org

THANK YOU  to Fr. Manoel for caring for the Parish in my absence and Beth Maramara for the secretarial duties, especially co-ordinating the wedding bookings and to the Acolytes. My cruise ship assignment took me to Buenos Aires in Argentina where Pope Francis was Archbishop prior to his election. The beautiful Cathedral has a plaque on the façade and a steady stream of worshippers throughout the day, many of them teenagers. The South Atlantic Falklands Islands are very English and guarding that heritage, especially since Argentina’s attempted invasion, which was repulsed. A subsequent referendum voted 99.8% in favour of British sovereignty. Crossing the Drake Passage to Antartica was smoother seas than I was expecting, so I felt my prayers were answered, especially when the four days cruising around Antarctica were bathed in sunshine. There were 30-40 people at Mass each day from a variety of nations and then four times that number on Sundays and Mass late that night for the crew. The final days were spent cruising southern Chile and I left the ship Zaandam in Santiago, Chile where I celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving in the Cathedral. The scenery was awesome. Monsignor Brian O’Loughlin, P.P.

EXPLORING QUESTIONS OF LIFE, FAITH & MEANING: What better way to begin 2018 and enter into Lent than with an Adult Faith formation course. The Centre for Faith Enrichment is offering a wide variety of daytime and evening and online courses and events for Term 1. Visit  www.cfe.org.au


AFTER SCHOOL SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION FOR HOLY COMMUNION AND CONFIRMATION: Parents of children attending independent and state schools who would like their child prepared for the sacraments are requested to register for classes which commence on the following dates: Holy Communion : Tues 6/2/18 at 3.30 pm; Confirmation : Wed 7/2/18  at 3.30 pm. Classes are held in the Parish Centre. For more information, contact Connie Carroll  9474 2271.

BIBLES: Hard-covered and beautifully presented with markers for each book, maps and explanatory notes. Sold for $19.95 each

are available in both soft cover $20 and hardcover $50 from the porch tables or the Parish Office.

TIDY CHURCH ROSTER: Two members have retired. We are seeking replacements. Please phone Dina Robertson 0403 951 355.

SUNDAY MISSALS: Complete edition in soft leatherette cover with all the prayers and readings for the 3-year cycle. $35

: The new edition of this excellent, topical and beautifully illustrated book has a picture of Pope Francis on the cover. Parenting and communication skills are highlighted, as is Robert Falzon, co-founder of menALIVE movement. All this and more, only $3 per copy. Please consider as a gift

CUPPA after the 9.30 am Mass in the Parish Centre. All are welcome.