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St Columba's Parish, South Perth

Weekly Bulletin

(19th November 2017)

StColumba Church

MASS INTENTIONS: Masses for the faithful departed offered; Angela Cummins anniversary, requested by John, Mass offered; Patricia Shields anniversary, requested by Philip, Vigil Mass today; Parishioners intentions, 7.30 am Mass today; Robert Stewart Robertson anniversary, requested by John, Mass to be offered.

We pray for the children who made their First Reconciliation on Saturday. We thank their parents, teachers and catechists. May they always value the Sacrament of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

ENQUIRERS IN THE FAITH: Three will be received into the Church during the Vigil Mass of Christ the King on Saturday, November 25. We pray for them as we prepare to welcome them through Profession of Catholic Faith, Confirmation and Eucharist. Welcome to the family of faith.

ORDINATIONS TO PRIESTHOOD: On Friday night in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Archbishop Costelloe ordained six deacons to the priesthood. Monsignor Brian concelebrated and the Cathedral was packed for the joyous occasion. Ad multos annos.

PARISH AGM will be held on Sunday, Nov. 26 after the 9.30 am Mass, preceded by a cuppa. An additional report this year will be given by Laurie, project manager for the Columbarium. Do make an effort to attend. Minutes of the last year’s AGM are available upon request. Please email Parish Secretary Beth Maramara sec@southperthcatholic.org

BIBLES have arrived, they are hard-covered and sell for $19.95 each.

is a focus of inspiration and prayer in the Columbarium. Thank you to the donors who have contributed $5750. The wall from the street side of the Pieta will be named Wall of Remembrance where relatives of current parishioners and former parishioners may be remembered with a plaque.

HANDEL’S MESSIAH in Perth Concert Hall on Sunday, Dec. 3 at 4 pm. Students, seniors and block bookings available. See the poster on the noticeboard.

ST. COLUMBA’S PRIMARY SCHOOL ENROLMENT FOR 2018. Limited vacancies are available for Kindergarten to Year 2 and Year 4 to Year 6 in 2018. Please contact the school office for details 6436 9500.

RECORD MAGAZINE: The latest edition profiles the charitable and social outreach agencies of the Archdiocese. Please take your free copy.

LIFELINK APPEAL: You can return your donation today or mail in the prepaid envelope or donate online www.lifelink.com.au

CRAFTSMAN II: Last Sunday’s newsletter showed Acolyte Gerard Steeman beside the Altar of Repose Tabernacle he made from vintage jarrah. On the opposite side is Mary Haydock, longtime sacristan. Mary’s friend, Lorraine Hayre’s father, served on the Western front in World War I. In a bombed out church, he saw a glint and discovered the exquisite brass decorative pieces which Lorraine received from him after the family came to Australia. She asked Mary “Would you like them for St. Columba?” Mary showed them to me. I said “Yes” and then contacted Gerard, thinking of a memorial plaque. When Gerard saw them, he was amazed and said, “ I made a tabernacle and have been looking everywhere for something like them.” I asked, “Would you like to donate your tabernacle and place the Eucharist decoration on them?” He willingly agreed and it is now our Altar of Repose Tabernacle for Holy Week. Gerard has now made bread or cutting boards from the jarrah of the old west front doors. The photo shows Gerard presenting his gift to the Archbishop, which Monsignor did on Friday. After Mass, a parishioner was so impressed, he asked Gerard for an historic piece and Gerard obliged, asking a donation be given to the Church Restoration. Gerard has more boards and will display them during the Cuppa prior to the AGM on Sun. Nov. 26.         Monsignor Brian O’Loughlin, P.P.

TIDY CHURCH ROSTER: Two members are retiring so we are seeking two replacements. Please phone Dina Robertson 0403 951 355. 

PARISH HISTORY are available in both soft cover $20 and hardcover $50 from the porch tables or the Parish Office. You may consider as possible Christmas gifts.