Why Marriage Education ?

Getting married is the biggest decision many people will ever make. Research shows that pre-marriage education can make a significant contribution to a fulfilling, life-long marriage.

Preparation is a necessary part of every important thing we do, and marriage is no different. Much time and effort usually goes toward the planning and organising of a wedding. Marriage education is preparation for the lifetime of marriage that comes after the wedding. It is a useful and important part of being engaged.

The Catholic Church through its clergy requires all couples to prepare for their marriage. Most priests ask their couples to attend an accredited education course.

Some couples will gain more than others from attending a pre marriage education course. It is true to say that all relationships can be improved, none ever reach perfection and that they are growing and changing all the time.

Relationship education is not counselling. Most couples getting married have happy, healthy relationships. Relationship education is about keeping it that way. You are embarking on a new and deeper phase of your relationship and this time provides opportunity to look at your strengths. Strengths are those things, which have brought the relationship this far. It is also an opportunity to look at the areas for growth in your relationship and learn new skills and strategies for dealing with the inevitable hurdles of day to day married life.

No matter how long we live and how long we live with our partners, we will never truly know everything about them or ourselves. Pre marriage education is a time for you to stop and look at yourselves as individuals and as a couple. It is a time to slow down and concentrate, in a structured way, on your relationship and to gain deeper understandings of yourself and each other.

Your marriage Preparation course will be an opportunity to consider:

It is a time to:
Identify and celebrate your strengths as a couple
Discover strategies to help manage issues in your relationship
Learn skills to help overcome challenges of married life
Examine the commitment necessary to succeed
Affirm your decision to marry

The majority of couples who attend our course find them very interesting, highly beneficial and would recommend them to other couples.

Couples are encouraged to do their marriage preparation at least four to six months prior to their wedding. There are various types of courses and programs available. To get the most from your course we suggest you do it as early as possible, before you are overwhelmed with wedding preparations.

Course at Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services fill up very quickly, sometimes one or two months in advance. If you leave your marriage preparation too late you may not be able to get into your preferred course.

Couples can find out more about our courses and enrol online at Alternatively you can contact us on 08 9241 5000 Tuesday or Thursday

We look forward to seeing you soon!