St Columba's Wedding Information

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Congratulations on your engagement and your interest in St Columbas Church for your wedding.

The Church of St. Columba is a beautifully appointed heritage building located on a majestic site, in South Perth, with a spectacular outlook of the Swan River and the City skyline in the background.

To check on availability of St Columba's Church for your wedding date, contact the Parish Office by phone (9367 3950) or email ( or

Before booking a wedding, please read the information below and then proceed with the booking by contacting the Parish Office.

Normal wedding bookings are available at the following times :

Fridays1:00-2:30pm or 4:00-5:30pm
Saturdays10:00-11:30am or 2:00-3:30pm or 4:00-5:30pm

Please note that wedding bookings for Saturdays are only available at times shown above, however a request for the booking of the Church for a wedding on Mon-Fri for a time other than the preferred times shown above, may be made by contacting the Parish Office (bookings on weekdays, that are also school days, between the hours of 2:30-4:00pm are unavailable). Parishioners and South Perth residents have priority over the last time-slot on Saturdays(4:00-5:30pm). This means that any time-slots may be booked by all, except that the last time-slot on Saturdays is only available for non-Parishioners and non-South Perth residents if the wedding date is within 12 months of the booking date.

FLOWERS AND DECORATIONS: Two prepared flower arrangements must be provided for the pedestals in the sanctuary and are to be left for the weekend Masses. Other flower arrangements brought for the wedding may be removed.

MUSIC: Your wedding should speak of the meaning of this day – love, friendship, togetherness, joy, hope and happiness. Hence the music should be in keeping with the sacredness of the occasion. An organ, located in the gallery or the keyboard in the Lady Chapel, is available for use.

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