Regulations for booking a Wedding at St Columba's Church

Please view information below, and click on the link at the bottom of page if you decide to book your wedding at St Columba’s Church.

CELEBRANT: South Perth parish residents may have the Parish Priest as celebrant and the 4:00pm time-slot. A couple from outside the parish may choose the 2:00pm time & their own Ordained Catholic Celebrant, who will prepare the couple and celebrate the marriage ceremony. Marriage Preparation courses are available at An appropriate offering for the services of the Celebrant should be made directly to him. This offering is not included in the church fee, and should be presented to the priest or deacon at the rehearsal.

ELIGIBILITY: The Bride or Groom must be a baptised Catholic or have been received into the Catholic Church, and neither has been married before, or if so, the catholic, not married in The Catholic Church, or an annulment has been granted via the “Catholic Marriage Tribunal”

WEDDING DAY AVAILABILITY: Church availability can be checked by contacting the Parish Office. The church and grounds are available to each marriage party 30 mins before the time of the wedding. Someone will be on duty for the musicians, photographers etc. and be available to assist the celebrant as he prepares for the marriage. It is obligatory, however, that the wedding party has vacated the church grounds no later than one and a half hours after the official starting time of the wedding ceremony. eg the 2.00 pm. wedding party must have vacated the grounds by 3.30 pm.

REHEARSALS: The church is available for a rehearsal on Wednesday or Thursday at 6pm or 7pm and to last no longer than 45 minutes. To book for a rehearsal call Monsignor O’Loughlin, Parish Priest, on 9367 3950 or email

GROUNDS & CHURCH BUILDING: No litter of any kind is permitted. This includes confetti, rose petals, rice etc. Marriage cars which drip oil must not be brought onto the front apron of the church. Bottled water is not to be placed on the pews, but on the floor.
If you wish to decorate the seats with ribbons or bows you must arrange for this to be done just prior to the wedding and have them removed afterwards. They must be tied to the pews. The use of blue tack, sticky tape, drawing pins, etc. is not permitted in the church.
No alcoholic refreshments of any kind are permitted within the church grounds. The artificial grass needs safeguarding.

MUSIC : The use of the organ in the gallery or the keyboard in the Lady Chapel is included in the church fee, however you are responsible for booking and paying the organist or musicians. Guitar and small vocal groups are also acceptable, some names are available on request. Guest musicians, in keeping with the sacred nature, are welcome.
You may bring your own PA or sound system which you can connect to a power point located under the first pew near the Lady Chapel. If you are using an iPod you need to bring your own Dock.

FEES : The fees associated with a wedding booking are shown below. As well as maintenance and restoration there is a large insurance component and grounds upkeep.
A Restoration Fund has been established for the replacement of the carpet and the restoration of the pews, so a $200 fee is for these major expenses, and this is Tax-deductible.
The bond of $100 will be refunded after the wedding, provided all terms and conditions have been observed. Non-compliance of any of the terms and conditions listed here will result in the forfeiture of the bond.
Members of the Parish Planned-Giving Program receive a waiver of the $200 basic fee (Please provide planned-giving number when registering).

Basic Fee$200
Booking Fee$250
Donation for Church Renovation (Tax Deductible)$200
Bond Fee (Refundable)$100
Discount for members of Pl Giving$200

(There may be a consideration of special circumstances)

Please Note : Booking will be cancelled if all fees are not paid in full within 14 days from date of booking

CANCELLATION OF BOOKINGS: If a booked marriage is cancelled the booking fee of $250 is forfeited,  as it is non-refundable.

The Church is booked only when all fees are paid and the Booking Form has been signed and submitted to the St Columba’s Parish Office.

If you wish to BOOK A WEDDING please contact the St Columba's Parish Office by phone (9367 3950) or email ( or